personal training

With fitness expert Will Torres at its helm, Willspace is a high-caliber training studio with precision at its core.  Clients are guided through custom programs based on their individual goals and fitness levels.  Will and his team of expert trainers are Precise Physical Engineers. Precision Physical Engineering training insists on exact angles, slow focus and measured breathing.  It takes motivation and concentration and goes beyond counting reps. Each step builds on the next. Nothing is left to chance. With three disciplines at its core, fundamental movements, hybrid exercise and turbo pace, precision training heightens the efficiency of our clients’ experience.


Lift is the pulse of the Willspace experience, incorporating integrated training techniques to develop the body as a whole instead of concentrating on individual muscles. Lift programs are custom-tailored based on your current fitness level and desired result. 

Due to the body’s aging process, during periods of decreased physical activity, muscle tone is lost and the metabolism slows.  From 25 years of age it is possible to lose between ½ to 2 pounds of muscle tissue each year, slowing the metabolism and making it difficult to lose weight. Lift is designed to maintain and increase your muscle tone, while optimizing strength, boosting endurance and igniting your metabolism.


Strike is a dynamic workout that draws from multiple disciplines, including boxing, Muy Thai and Jiu-Jitsu. Strike takes you on a journey through vigorous movements of twists, kicks and punches designed to improve strength, stamina, agility and flexibility.

Forward motion movements like running and cycling alone do not address the body’s ability to move in various motions and directions, leaving certain muscles unchallenged and limiting results.  By incorporating different combinations of kicks and punches, your body will twist, push, pull and bend to new levels of athleticism. Every power packed session will leave your body feeling energized, strong and confident. 


This high-intensity training program puts the body through a series of turbo sequences combining multiple cardio elements, including Strike, running, jump rope or rowing, with Lift movements – challenging both the aerobic and anaerobic training systems of the body. This combination of disciplines can boost the metabolism up to 10 times compared to performing these exercises separately.  Stealth is the ultimate full-body workout that will create long, lean muscles without creating bulk.


Willspace has expanded its lifestyle offerings with the debut of Oxygen taught by clinical psychologist and Willspace wellness coach, Dr. Belisa Vranich. Clients are guided through a highly dynamic class that offers an educational and interactive experience on the most basic human function: breathing. Along with a spike of endorphins, this interactive lung workout helps to reduce stress, improve recovery and increase performance, and leaves clients with a comprehensive understanding of lung function and methods on expanding breathing capacity.